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Wonton soup

Start Your Meal Off With Tasty Appetizers

Start your meal off by choosing from a variety of classic Chinese staples, including wonton soup, fried or steamed dumplings, and the beloved egg rolls. If you want to take a tour of much of our appetizer menu, check out our combination plate!

"Very good service. Everyone loved their soup and egg rolls."

- Betsy N.

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Wonton soup


01. Egg Drop Soup

02. *Hot and Sour Soup

03. Wonton Soup


11. Egg Roll (1)

12. Fried Wontons (6)

13. Fried Chicken Wings (4)

14. Crabmeat Rangoons (6)

15. Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs (4)

16. Fried Jumbo Shrimp (4)

17. Teriyaki Beef (4)

18. Teriyaki Chicken (4)

Enjoy delicious food

Egg drop soup

19. Dumplings (Fried or Steam) (6)

20. Bau-Bau Platter (for 2)

Combination Plate: ribs, fried shrimp, chicken wings, egg roll, teriyaki beef and crabmeat rangoons, served flaming hibachi

Experience mouthwatering dishes

Fried dumplings

A tasty meal that is sure to please

Egg rolls

04. Sizzling Rice Soup (for 2)

05. Chicken Corn Soup (for 2)

06. Three Ingredients Soup (for 2)

* Hot and Spicy

Menu Items and Prices Subject to Change