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General's chicken

Enjoy Our House Specials

Try some of our delicious house specials, including Chef's Sizzling Plate, Szechuan Scallops, and Braised Lobster in Ginger Sauce. Stop by or give us a call to take out your food and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home!

"As a Chinese, I talked with the boss who is a very friendly woman. The meal is awesome and the service is good."

- Shen L.

Dine-in with us or call ahead for takeout!


Sesame chicken

H1.* Chicken and Shrimp

H2. Chicken and Shrimp Hunan Style

H3.* General's Chicken

H4. Beef and Scallops

H5. Eight Treasures Chicken, Beef and Shrimp

H6. Chef's Sizzling Plate

H9. Walnuts Special Shrimp

H10. Seafood Splendor in Bird's Nest

H11.* Seafood and Phoenix

H12. Lobster Cantonese

H13.* Braised Lobster in Ginger Sauce

H14. House Crispy Steak

H15. Sesame Chicken

H16. Honey Chicken

Enjoy the best service

General's chicken

H17. Sweet Summer Shrimp

Delight your taste buds

Honey chicken

Try our delicious dishes

Sweet summer shrimp

H7. Jade Scallop

H8.* Szechuan Scallops

House Special

* Hot and Spicy

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